Dirge for Ammad

Maybe we should have left a trail of transdimensional bread crumbs.

The Evil Ghost Orphanage from Another Dimension: A Sci Fi Channel Original Picture

So we were attacked by this giant lump of fire and ceiling beams. The teachings I took from the monastery didn’t say anything about not punching things that were on fire and it seemed to work out, although there was a note about “Never pet a burning dog.” At any rate after that we surrounded Two Fingers, with Cahya and I jumping out the window to prevent him from escaping. We also rigged up a tripwire to aid in catching him. Cahya hid herself somewhere inside near the door while I waited for him to come out. He did not however and eventually there was shouting and I rushed back in. We ended up fighting some sort of clawed dwarf thing and some demon woman thing. She Threw Two Fingers against a wall, although Cahya had already retrieved the box at that point. However, Sin indicated that it was vital that we catch him anyway, so that when he bolted for the door Cahya went after him. We finished pulverizing the demon lady and dwarf thing when many dark hands began to emerge from the floor so we fled the building. Two Fingers had somehow turned to dust and we were trapped in some other dimension by the house. Oh I forgot to mention that didn’t I. Yeah we seem to be stuck in some kind of nightmare world thingy. Oh and here’s some kind of puppet thing come to talk to us. Maybe it knows the way out from this creepy place?


yanko128 stinky42

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