Dirge for Ammad

Falling Thugs and Flying Buttresses

Tonight on Fox, When Roofing Attacks!

In investigating Two Fingers’s house we found that he’d apparently used a teleportation circle to stash the box some place (although that’s just a guess based on what we know). Meanwhile thugs decided to come at us with weapons drawn. I may have acted hastily in knocking two archers off of a roof but I believe that when confronted with a vicious gang of thugs a boot to the head is often necessary. After the hurlyburly was completed we questioned a surviving thug who indicated that Marrik, who is the boss in these parts told them to stop anyone hanging around the place. We also found out that the most likely place Two Fingers would be hiding is the haunted orphanage known as the Cinders.

This orphanage had been sealed up but it quickly became apparent that the rumors of haunting were no mere rumors. Burning smells, pools of blood, the sound of tiny feet running away, all in all rather like my Uncle’s attempts at barbecuing. On one of the upper floors, we found Two Fingers, whose name is apparently due merely to his having two fingers as a necklace rather than any lack of digits on his part. He did not seem particularly aware of us but would dodge out of the way whenever we attempted to catch him. He was fast, faster than even I am, which upsets me. I gather based on this and his state of mind that he was probably posessed. Which is cheating in my book, you should have to master mind and body to go that fast, not simple let some sort of malevolent force take control of your body. I doubt he was that fast before or he wouldn’t be considered a two bit thief as he moved so fast he was nearly invisible while moving. Well I suppose he could manage to be that fast and be a two bit thief if he was a complete moron. I’m probably obsessing a bit too much about this, but he’s faster than me and it looks like he cheated. Hmmm maybe I probably need to reflect on this a bit, I may have as much a problem with pride as the old farts who rejected by admittance to their monastery. Its probably getting in the way of my achieving inner peas, why I need to make my spirit like a green vegetable is something of a mystery, I’m guessing its some kind of metaphor for something. Oh and now ceiling beams have fallen down and are attacking us.


yanko128 stinky42

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