It is late fall of the year 217 of the Shattered Calendar. It has been four years since the Sundering, and the world is still trying to get used to the new landscape. A number of rugged adventurers make their way to the mighty city of Ammad, unsure of what their future holds. The city is a good place to find work, or disappear; both appealing options.

As adventurers you have seen your fair share of action. You are now in Ammad, whether of your own volition or not, and looking for work. At this point you are stuck here, either unable or unwilling to go home.

Party Inventory

Game Premise

  • You have been adventuring for a while, so you have some experience under your belt.
  • You may be from any country or region of Drashlan.
  • You may be of any race.
  • The game will be set in the city of Ammad and surrounding areas.
    • A large part of the game will be in the city itself (at least 60%).
    • Some long distance travel might be required.
  • You will be involved in the city’s politics.
    • You will mostly be doing dirty work on behalf of the powers-that-be.
    • Play a good character, but you should be willing to become morally flexible to a certain extent.
  • Experience will be based more on the story and less on combat encounters. That is not to say it will not be a combat heavy game, but the experience you get will be based on finishing your quest, rather than killing things.

Character Creation

  • Begin at level 10.
  • Check campaign specific items and classes, as well as houserules applying to some most races and some classes.
  • Starting equipment:
    • One item of level 9, one of level 10 and one of level 11.
    • You have 9,000 gold to spend on other equipment.
    • No Boons, but no restriction on other items.
      • See below for restrictions on magic items.
    • Secondary weapons/implements.
      • All your non-magical back-up/secondary weapons/implements count as basic magic weapons/implements with enhancement bonus equal to the enhancement bonus of your primary weapon/implement.
  • Item Bonuses
    • Items that grant static Item bonuses to damage do not exist.
      • Includes Bracers of the Perfect Shot, Iron Armbands of Power, and similar items.
    • You gain the following bonuses based on magic items you are wearing:
      • Arms Slot:
        • Strikers: +1 to all damage rolls at levels 1, 6, 11, 16, 21, 26.
        • Non-strikers: +1 to all damage rolls at levels 6, 16, 26.
        • Shields: Shields do not take up the same slot as the Arm slot items.
      • Feet Slot: +1 to Reflex.
      • Head Slot: +1 to Willpower.
      • Waist Slot: +1 to Fortitude.
  • Backgrounds
    • You may gain benefits of one General background.
  • Expertise feats do not exist.
    • Includes Weapon Expertise, Implement Expertise, and Focused Expertise.
    • At levels 1, 11, 21 you gain a cumulative +1 bonus to all attack rolls.
  • Defense feats do not exist.
    • Includes Paragon Defenses and Robust Defenses.
    • At levels 11 and 21 you gain a cumulative +1 bonus to all defenses.
  • You gain Melee Training as a bonus feat.
  • Be aware of new multiclassing rules.
  • I would like at least a two paragraph background.
    • Pick three adjectives to describe your character.

Dirge for Ammad

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