Steel Crows

Serving as the city guard, the Steel Crows answer to the Wardens of Ammad. It is an open secret that nearly every member of the Steel Crows takes money from someone, and most of the officers are in the employ of the High Houses and Syndicates. They do, however, make it their business to ensure that the city’s business – arteries of commerce larger than most other cities on the Zergis – remains uninterrupted. Aside from threats to economic matters and trade in general, the Steel Crows care little for Ammad’s citizens. A rich man might count upon the intervention of the Crows when his property is stolen…for a fee. The one thing that the Crows will investigate and deal with regardless of the station of victims is any violent crime.

Just as with the military, the Steel Crows have special divisions. The Rune Watch are a unit designed to deal with spell casters of all kinds, as well as supernatural creatures. As it takes very specialized training and great skill, this is the smallest branch of the Steel Crows. Often a single member of the Rune Watch will aid in investigations that are the result of violent spell casters. They are also tasked with rooting out unregistered spell casters.

The Unseen are the Steel Crows’ secret police. They are in charge of protecting the city from unrest and foreign sabotage. Anyone that is suspected of being a foreign spy, or individuals that operate without the regard to the best interests of Ammad are subject to the authority of the Unseen. People taken by the Unseen often end up in the Fortress of Doors. Unscrupulous, unobtrusive, they are rarely seen taking their targets.

More mundane matters are left to the Tin Men, whose stock in trade is the investigation of normal crimes. Theft, arson, murder, and blackmail are their domain, and though they at times work in conjunction with the Rune Watch, they are jealous of their jurisdiction.

Steel Crows

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