Silver Raptors

The Silver Raptors act as Ammad’s military. They were in former times a Taelnar Janissary company, but have since become a settled unit within the hierarchy of this coastal city-state. While they primarily keep trade routes into the city safe, they do have a small presence in the city itself. The Raptors are quartered in the Company Ward, where they are housed according to the division that they are in.

It is debatable whether the griffin cavalry within the Silver Raptors is famous or infamous. The Black Cuirassieurs, whether vaunted or nefarious, are certainly very skilled. They are assigned to both airships and naval vessels, providing short-range protection against inbound threats. They watch over the city from their stronghold in The Roost, an earthmote that has a reputation all its own.

Though the Black Cuirassieurs take to the wing to fight, the skies over Ammad and the immediate vicinity are ruled by the Cerulean Griffins, Ammad’s air force. As the only airborne entity to have complete free reign over the city, the Cerulean Griffins are very effective in their protection or shipping routes, both by air and sea. Its flagship, the Obsidian Hellkite, is a massive dreadnought that is under the command of Grand Admiral Xegesh. The Grand Admiral leads the Cerulean Griffins, having under his overall command one battleship, two cruisers, six destroyers, and fifteen corvettes.

Among the numbers of the Cerulean Griffins can be found those of a different order. There are a number of highly trained dragoons that are assigned to each airship, and these men and women are known as the Phoenix Guard. They are sworn to protect the ship, and are extremely effective at their task. Many believe them to be bonded to a single vessel for life, for they are rarely seen away from the airships on which they serve.

The waters of Ammad are patrolled by a different entity, however, than those in the air. Cruising the Zergis River and deep into the Sea of Taelnar, the Jade Swans hold sway over all waterborne transport. They have many small ships, mostly escorts and cutters, that are used for fast transport, while the larger ships follow more regimented patrol patterns. Among these are six man-o-wars, nine frigates, and fourteen corvettes. In addition to these normal ships, eight light ironclads and two of the heavy variety are useful in dealing with greater threats.

The branches of the Silver Raptors all contain members of an order of spell-casters. The Knights of the Compact are those adept at the casting of spells without the need for physical weaponry. Regardless of the place from which they draw their power, all sorts of spell-casters are found in this order. They are very useful, especially to the Jade Swans and the Cerulean Griffins. Those among the Black Cuirasseiurs have gained a dire reputation, however, for interrogation in the Roost.

Silver Raptors

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