The Ammad Gazette

Once a week, thousands of people give their spare coppers to the young hawkers in the street for a taste of the unusual, the bizarre, and a dose of gossip beyond what is healthy or prudent. The Ammad Gazette touts stories like ‘Bat-child escapes!’ and ‘The Bailiff’s Secret Affair Gone Wrong: Murder In A High House’. A mode of entertainment for those without means to go to the Dusk Ward, and often times a wrapper for fish and meat, the Gazette’s readers take their subject matter in stride. Sensationalism and rumor are the bread and butter of the Gazette Journalist, and they believe it makes for much better reading than the nap-inducing Herald.

The Herald

Considered the only serious source of news in Ammad, the Herald has a reputation as a highly informative paper. It prints each day, available just at sundown on street corners all over the city, and in some more reputable eateries. The Herald was the first to break the story of the Sundering, and often exposes corruption in public servants. Its managing editors swear an oath of honesty, vigilant and forthright journalism. So far, they have maintained this code, but there are journalists among their ranks that are a bit overzealous in obtaining their stories. These often are forced to leave, and end up as freelance writers for the Ammad Gazette.


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