Natural Resources

  • Dragon Blood
    • Black tar-like liquid pumped out of the swamps.
    • Used as fuel on some steam vessels.
  • Tobacco
    • Unique type of tobacco grows in Xannash Marshes.
    • Ammad cigars are valued around the world for their unique flavor.
  • Large timber industry.
  • Fishing
    • Due to it’s island location most of the food produced in Ammad come from the River and the nearby Sea.


Coins from around the world are seen in Ammad on regular basis. Despite that Ammad mints it’s own currency, which is highly valued throughout the world. Ammad coins typically have the Ammad Eagle on one side, but the design on the other side varies by coin type.

  • Groat
    • Copper coin
    • Likeness of The Roost on the back.
  • Thalar
    • Silver coin
    • Likeness of the Bailiffs Mansion on the back.
  • Guilder
    • Standard gold piece.
    • Octagonal in shape, not round.
    • Likeness of a swan on the back.
  • Sovereign
    • Platinum coin.
    • Worth 10 gold.
    • Ten sided in shape, not round.
    • Likeness of a griffin on the back.


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