Dread Guard

”...And thou shalt walk pale as death, and thine armors shall glitter as the sanguine pools that spill from our foes. Come to us willingly, O child of the grave, and serve. For truth, for glory, for the ages…”

—The Litany of the Lady, author unknown

The Lady in Crimson calls to the soul, gathering them to her even in death. The Dread Guard are the corps of undead guards that serve her. They protect her interests, serving for a time period determined before death. Anyone, no matter their station, can become a Dread Guard, provided that they sign the contract before they die, and do so willingly. When the contract is drafted by the Lady’s clergy, the duration of service is agreed upon; usually lasting between twenty and one hundred years. If one wishes to serve the Lady for more than a century, her personal permission is required.

During the period of service, the body is cared for by the Lady’s clergymen, keeping it in working order. If one’s body is destroyed, they cannot serve, and so the soul is released by the Lady. Upon assumption of the mantle of the Dread Guard, the guard’s family is compensated, depending upon the length of service decided upon in the contract.

Dread Guard

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