Crime and Punishment

Laws in Ammad, especially petty crimes, are usually judged differently based on where the crime was committed. While there maybe many different punishments for a crime, the actually penalty varies based on severity of the crime. For these purpose the city is divided into three parts:

Many activities, while legal, require special permits and fees to practice legally. Failing to do so usually results in fines, and sometimes flogging.

Use of Magic: Use of magic is legal, but regulated, in Ammad. Magic encompasses all sorts of supernatural powers, regardless of source. All magic users in Ammad are required to register with the Rune Watch, failure to do so will result in fines and/or flogging (usually only if the offender cannot afford the fines). Upon registration the magic user is granted a permit to practice magic within the city. The permit is good for one year and a day.

Crime Lower Wards Middle Wards Upper Wards
Improper Speech Night in stocks Night in stocks, flogging
Drunkenness Not a crime Night in stocks, Forced Labor
Illegal Prostitution Flogging, Fines
Assault Flogging, Imprisonment, Silencing Imprisonment, Silencing
Theft Flogging, Forced labor, Imprisonment, Silencing Imprisonment, Silencing
Unregistered Magic Flogging, Fines
Burglary Medium to heavy flogging, Imprisonment, Silencing, Death
Tax Evasion Flogging, Fines, Forced labor, Imprisonment
Smuggling Heavy flogging, Forced labor, Fines, Imprisonment
Major Theft Heavy flogging, Forced labor, Fines, Imprisonment, Silencing
Destruction of Currency Flogging, Forced Labor or Military Conscription
Counterfeiting Heavy flogging, Imprisonment, Forced Labor or Military Conscription
Arson/Rape Hobbling, Imprisonment, Silencing, Forced labor, Death
Treason Gibbeting, Imprisonment, Silencing, Death
Piracy Gibbeting, Silencing, Death
Murder Gibbeting, Silencing, Death
  • Gibbeting: Criminal is left to die in a hanging cage, on display to everyone. Favored method of executing murderers.
  • Silencing: A process of severing a person’s link with the supernatural, used only on spellcasters. Small side effect of slowly driving the Silenced insane.

Crime and Punishment

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