Brick Ward

The Brick Ward is a lower and middle class residential area made up chiefly of brick buildings. The residents of the Brick Ward live in flats and shanty-towns, often more than one family sharing quarters. The greater majority of the buildings in this ward are between four and six stories tall. City “streets” here are built in several levels, anywhere from two to four high, with a base street level on the ground surface and wooden walkways above.

These walkways crisscross between buildings, intersecting at odd angles, forming a maze that is difficult to navigate for any that have not spent the better part of their lives here. In poorer areas, the walkways have become enclosed as buildings have been extended closer and closer together, as well as over the canals. There are some areas of the Brick Ward where a small jetty might travel for a mile without seeing sunlight, because it must go through the house tunnels.

Also in the Brick Ward:

  • Arbor Quarter
    • A multi-level park.
    • One of the rare places in the Ward where plants can grow.
    • Kept so by order of the the Wardens.
  • The Cage
    • Steel Crows garrison.
    • Located in an old brick fort, the Cage forces order in the Ward.
  • Copper Quarter
    • Home to the most well-to-do citizens of the ward.
    • Mostly minor merchants trying to shake off the dust of their poor pasts.
  • Dust Quarter
    • Poorest quarter in the Ward.
    • Tenement buildings here form a maze of corridors, hidden pathways and tunnels via both land, wood, and water.
  • Gilded Square
    • Multilevel open air market square.
    • Many small stores selling anything one might have a fancy for.
    • A few inns of fairly good quality.
    • A small number of temples here serve the denizens of the Ward.
  • Mill Quarter
    • A number of sweatshops and some small factories.
    • A large temple to the Clockwork Host

Brick Ward

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