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  • Lotus Trading Company

    * Major trading company. * Responsible for 80% of trade between "Lotus Islands":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/drashlan/wikis/lotus-islands and Ammad. * Responsible for putting many smaller traders out of business through extortion, price …

  • Derlahi Steam Works

    * World famous steam engine manufacturer. * Employs only dwarfs. * Focuses on large mundane engines. * Engines used mostly on steam ships, as well as large stationary engines. * In recent years it entered the market of armor size engines, with varied …

  • Vukrath Industries

    * Ship armor maker. * Focuses on ironclads and large trading steam ships. * Build a couple of prototype heavily armored airships.

  • Adaxxan Aeraonutics

    * Builds flying machines. * High quality vessels using mundane propulsion. * Mostly large merchant vessels. * Usually they get contracts for large airborne warships. * They lost a lot of face when they were not awarded the contract for [[Obsidian …

  • Gal Darhada Runeworks

    * Involved in airship manufacture. * Provides magical expertise required to build airships. * Hires many hedge wizards and savant mages, but few people with actual talent.

  • Nak Tkeri Traders

    * Large trading company. * Involved in trade all along "Zergis River":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/drashlan/wikis/zergis-river and it's tributaries. * Mostly coordinates freelance traders. * Handles supply and deals with local merchants.

  • East Ammad Dockyards

    * Large ship manufacturer. * Builds only naval vessels, mostly merchant ships. * It's dry docks are able to handle the largest of ships. * Just starting to build steam ships.

  • Zeldan Timber Yards

    * Timber company. * Always hiring adventurers to keep its operations in [[Geography | Mire Woods]] safe. * Constantly fighting against some nature group.

  • Parahi and Sons Co

    * Small airship builder. * Builds only custom ships for the rich and shameless. * Often uses very unusual methods of propulsion and buoyancy. * Known for very innovative approach to ship building. * Build [[Obsidian Hellkite | Obsidian Hellkite]].

  • Idasi Brothers Cigar Company

    * Small cigar maker. * World's most famous cigars. * All are made from marsh Tobacco grown in the wild. * It is not uncommon for their cigars to sell for over 200 gp for a box of 8.

  • Ashen Marauders

    For many years, the Ashen Marauders have preyed upon the merchant ships near Ammad. They use small, fast sailing ships and a couple of air ships to raid passing vessels, as well as nearby communities not associated with Ammad. Their ill-gotten goods are …

  • Cassd Securities

    * Insurance company. * Insures trade ships and airships. * Often insures valuable artifacts for the rich and famous. * Offers secure storage. * Owned and operated by [[House Cassd | House Cass'd]].

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