Grand Admiral Xegesh

Admiral of Cerulean Griffins


Xegesh is a genasi, able to manifest voidsoul, stormsoul and windsoul manifestations. He has been alive for at least three hundred years, though nobody is certain of his exact age.

He stands at six and a half feet tall, his skin is the color of a blue gray storm sky with light blue energy lines, that occasionally crackle with lightning, running along his body. Energy lines on his chin give him an appearance of a neatly trimmed goatee. His one remaining eye lacks any color, in fact is seems to be a bottomless void that absorbs all light. Every few minutes a silent lightning arcs inside the void of his eye.

During the course of his service with the Silver Raptors he has suffered serious injuries. In addition to losing his right eye, he lost both arms and his left leg. Those have been replace with state of the art Forgetech prosthetics.

Xegesh is highly trained soldier and a master strategist. He is never one to back away from the fight, but he will not hesitate to retreat in order to fight on his own terms. He has near fanatical following among the Cerulean Griffins and is very highly regarded among all of the Silver Raptors, as well as the city’s ruling council. While his word goes a long way in the ruling council, he prefers to stay away from the politics.


History DC 12: Xegesh was promoted to the rank of a Grand Admiral, and put in charge of Cerulean Griffins. Once in his new position he commissioned a new flagship of his own design, the Obsidian Hellkite, which entered service 15 years ago.

History DC 18: Grand Admiral Xegesh has been with the Silver Raptors longer than most of Ammad’s citizens have been alive. By the time War of Crimson Ash began Xegesh have been already a captain of a cruiser. For his actions during the war he was promoted to a rank of an Admiral, and assigned to the battleship Gardaxxi.

History DC 25: Xegesh began his service in the Silver Raptors as a Black Cuirassier, serving mostly on various airships and naval warships. He quickly advanced through the ranks, eventually getting a permanent assignment with the Cerulean Griffins. In time he was reassigned from the Cuirassiers to command a corvette.

Grand Admiral Xegesh

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