Lady Onantac Ashi

Master Commander of Ammad, First Among Raptors


Lady Onantac Ashi is the top military commander of Silver Raptors, and a representative of the military in the Chamber of Seven. While officially she holds more power than Grand Admiral Xegesh, he is the true leader of the Silver Raptors, a fact that Lady Ashi resents.

Early in her career in Jade Swans she allied herself with Xegesh, knowing fully well she would need his support to become the leader of the Silver Raptors, First Among Raptors. She has been the First Among Raptors for eight years now, and came into that position with an impressive record of keeping the trade routes safe of pirates and monsters.


Streetwise DC 25: House Veld’rathiil has been trying to undermine Lady Ashi’s integrity in hopes of controlling her, but has not been successful so far.

Lady Onantac Ashi

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