Hadrik "The Fist" Forgebeard

Outcast dwarven engineer and inventor


Hadrik, along with his wife Akar, runs a small machine shop, The Fifth Wheel, in an old warehouse in the Anchor Ward. The shop focuses on airship repairs, but Hadrik is adept at repairs and upgrades to any kind of Forgetech equipment. The Fifth Wheel is also a sort of a curiosity shoppe for strange mechanical devices.


Streetwise DC 12: Hadrik and his wife have been “disowned” by the local dwarven community, as well as the Clockmaker’s Guild and the Foundry Guild.

Streetwise DC 25: Hadrik and his wife were disowned after they attempted to transfer Akar’s soul into a completely mechanical body. The process failed and branded the Forgebeards as outcasts.

Hadrik "The Fist" Forgebeard

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