Lady Rass'tel Tae'veliin

High Warden of Ammad


Lady Tae’veliin is the current High Warden of Ammad. Before that she was a Warden of Shipyards, where she has proven herself to be level headed and just. She earned her title through hard work, rather than connections.

She is very cold and calculating, almost emotionless. At a young age she joined the Steel Crows and worked her way up to the Wardens. She is a highly skilled warrior, with some minor training in the use of elemental magic.


Streetwise DC 15: Rass’tel Tae’veliin was born to a lower class human woman who came from Cerazi shortly before Rass’tel was born. Growing up she never had a father.

Streetwise DC 30: Rass’tel’s mother could not return to her homeland after being involved with an elf, while her elven parent wanted nothing to do with a halfbreed bastard. So she ended up coming to Ammad, where Rass’tel was born.

Lady Rass'tel Tae'veliin

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