Inspector L'Ettis

Inspector of the Tin Men


One of the oldest members of the Tin Men, Inspector Ker L’Ettis is one of the few relatively uncorrupted members of Steel Crows. He has one of the highest arrest rates of all inspectors, even though many of the people he brings in just walk out due to their connections.


Streetwise DC 15: Inspector L’Ettis served with Silver Raptors in his youth. He requested to be moved to Steel Crows so he could make a difference to the people of Ammad.

Streetwise DC 20: Inspector L’Ettis lost his eyes years back. The goggles he wears are actually grafted to his face and allow him to see in any light condition.

Streetwise DC 25: Ker L’Ettis was born to a well to do family, but was orphaned at an early age. He spend his life trying to find those responsible for the death of his parents, but so far has been unsuccessful.

Inspector L'Ettis

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