Prince of Bones

Mysterious leader of the Bone Pickers


A man known as Prince of Bones rules over the Bone Pickers from his “palace” in the area of the Warrens known as the Bonepicker’s Court. Very little is known of this man, but those who work for him would rather suffer an excruciating death than betray him. The location of his “palace” is unknown to all but his most trusted servants, and he is not known for trusting many people.

It is said that anything that is lost in Ammad eventually ends up in his hands.


Streetwise DC 10: Prince of Bones is the leader if the Bone Pickers, and resides somewhere in the Bonepicker’s Court. Even those who work for him do not know where exactly his “court” is. Many think he is just a legend, a story to scare unruly kids, but those who live in the Warrens know better.

Streetwise DC 15: Prince of Bones has been around for a long time, some even suggest he is immortal. Over time he became a wellspring of forgotten lore. Many seek his secrets, but few find them, and even fewer return with them.

Streetwise DC 25: Prince of Bones began as a scavenger of corpses. He gained considerable wealth and fame through his exploits in forgotten tombs and graveyards. His fame spread through the dark underbelly of Ammad, and people began to join his cause. To him they were just tools used to expand his own wealth and power.

Streetwise DC 35:Prince of bones has been looking for secret of death for years. His obsession with dying have been only growing stronger and stronger in recent years. He would pay well for information relevant to how does one die.

Streetwise DC 40: Prince of Bones was once a mortal man, but due to his greed Lady in Crimson turned away from him. He is no longer leave the world of the living, yet he is not undead. His body and mind keep aging, and are now just broken husks of their former selves. He has been trying to find a way to die for years, but he is unwilling to reconcile with his past.

Prince of Bones

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