Keeper of Souls

Caretaker of the Memory Square


Keeper of Souls is a guardian and a caretaker of the Memory Square within the Mortuary Ward. He always knows who has come to rest in the Ward.


Religion DC 10: Keeper of Souls is an individual blessed by Lady in Crimson to record the names of those that have passed into her realm. Each Keeper is bound to a burial location that is holy to the Lady. Individual Keepers are chosen by the Lady. When one passes away she chooses the replacement, but there is always one.

Religion DC 15: Once chosen, the Keeper forsakes his previous life, and his eyesight. In return he is aware of all the names of those buried with the holy grounds he is bound to. While Keeper know everyone who is buried within their grounds, they may not know where within the grounds they are buried.

Religion DC 18: Keeper’s other duty is to inscribe the obsidian walls of the Memory Square with the names of those that have been buried within their grounds. If a body is removed from the grounds, Keeper will be aware of it, and remove the name from the wall. Keepers will always be truthful about the names of those buried within their grounds.

Keeper of Souls

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