Dirge for Ammad

We Sleep Now

In case of Emergency Break Glass Coffin.

So after many many battles, we made an attempt to rest in a house in this strange dimension. A giant bug monster thing with lots of faces on it that was merged with the house objected, strenuously, that is to say, with scything blades and acid. I guess bug monsters aren’t big on just asking politely. As per usual with things that attempt to put extra holes in us, we beat it until it died and then slept. We then made our way to the twisted tower around which fish of varying sizes swam, including some sort of strange barracuda like fish that vomits up its entire stomach to catch smaller fish. We found several doors with various animal insignias on them and found that only particular people could open them and once they entered the room they were apparently transported elsewhere. The exception being, there was no door for Cahya, who fell asleep and then woke up in a room with a stairwell and another set of doors with the same markings. She opened these doors letting the rest of the group out. Once we were all in the central chamber, all the adjoining doors opened, revealing loot of various sorts.

After acquiring the loot we went up the stairs and found a glass coffin with a woman of an unidentified race inside it. Surrounding this coffin were pedestals upon which rested busts of an unidentified man. I suppose we ought to open the coffin somehow and let her out, as she doesn’t appear to be dead or at the very least she’s been magically preserved. I think I heard a story about this somewhere, a prince is supposed to kiss her or something. I don’t think we have any princes in the group though. Maybe we could create our own kingdom in the next room and then have somebody kiss her or the coffin if we can’t get it open? Maybe the bust is one of a prince? I suppose there’s always the more conventional ways of glass breaking like hitting it or singing a high note.


yanko128 stinky42

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