Dirge for Ammad

The Great Machine

I'm Good at Doings, Not Understandings.

So after we defeated the custodians, the metal door thing opened up to reveal a clear door thingy through which we saw a machine as big as many buildings. My uncle had told stories about something like this before, but no ever listened to him. Then again he also talked to dirt so it may not be unreasonable that nobody listened to him. Anyway, amidst these huge machines was a gigantic heart infested with demon worms. The heart was not beating and apparently that is the machine’s doing. So apparently if the heart starts beating again, it could destroy the world, although the worms might do that anyway so making the heart beat long enough to kill the worms may be what is needed. I don’t really understand it though. Really, as much as I try to get the philosophical side of being a monk such as inner peas, I’m a lot better at doings than understandings.

Once we left the catacombs we were jumped by a bunch of thugs that worked for a minor noble house and some Karre elves. We beat them up and went back to the Cat’s Lantern where mister Duckson met us and discussed what’s next. We had two things to do, infiltrate the noble house and prove they’re working with the Karre elves, and break a prisoner out of the floating military prison since he apparently knows something about the machine.

We ambushed some guards and took their clothes in order to infiltrate the noble house. Cahya found some ledgers and a note that was written in some sort of strange language that makes magic users bleed if they try to read it. Also the Huntmaster apparently entered and exited the place while we were there.


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