Dirge for Ammad

Seafood Fights Back

The boat was taken over by fish creatures. Hawkeye said they’re called Kuo-toa, but they just look like giant wall-eyed pike with legs to me. They were not very nice, and had a tendency to skewer us with harpoons and pull us in so that they could bash us in the face. Like I said, they’re mean. By the time we had taken a few of them down, I started wondering what they would taste like when battered and fried. They seem like it would be good to have them with…a curry sauce.

But as bad as the fish guys were, with their harpoons and odd magic, the tentacles were so much worse. Hawkeye got picked up and shaken really hard, and a couple of other people got slapped around by them. When there were no more fish on deck, we went below. Some did that faster then others, mostly by falling through holes in the deck. There were more of the fish below, and they were crawling on the walls and ceiling, popping up from holes in the floor and trying to stab everyone.

Finally, when it was all over, we went to the lower level, since Professor Finch just had to examine everything on the ship. But we are not going to complain. Mister Dux’nn is paying good money for this. Then again, the entire floor is covered with blood, and it’s squishing between my toes, and there are these creepy ruptured egg sacks hanging from the ceiling…with huge veins running to the floor. Did I mention that the eggs don’t have anything in them anymore?

Hey, Professor, what’s that hissing sound…?


Mmmm, Kuo-toa fish and chips sounds tasty! Enjoyable little write up antilogic1.



Seafood Fights Back
yanko128 antilogic1

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