Dirge for Ammad

Robot Rumpus

Why does everybody want to make our internal organs, external?

So we found this hole in the ground with a metal door like thingy and a hanging spider robot over it. We pulled a lever and the spider robot attacked and this puzzle having to do with the phases of the moon or something popped up from the door. I couldn’t pay too much attention to that as I was busy punching and pushing the robot, which repaired itself more quickly than we could damage it. Tor, Hawkeye and I kept it busy while the rest of the group solved the puzzle thing, shutting it down, and opening a path downward to the Steward.

Well the Steward was this giant part machine part lots of other stuff thing and the Custodians were similar albeit smaller. We talked with the Steward a bit, but he didn’t really seem all that smart, or maybe he didn’t like talking to us. At any rate he said we needed to challenge him if we wanted to go through. Also there was some evidence that the Steward may have been corrupted a little by whatever is on the other side of the gate. We fought the custodians and Steward, beating the custodians first based on information from the Key. I ran around punching all of the guys as per usual and then pushed one of the custodians off a balcony and then jumped down onto it. After beating the custodians the fight with the Steward began in earnest. I would’ve actually died if not for Hawkeye taking a hit for me (Thank you!). Anyway we beat him and he healed us completely and now we descend into the Machine.


yanko128 stinky42

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