Dirge for Ammad

Off To A Good Start...We Hope

We all met in a back room. There was a dwarf that smelled funny—he wore armor that glowed hot like a furnace…He gave me a metal card with his name etched on it, but I don’t read Dwarven runes. For a few minutes, he tried to help me pronounce the words on it, but then he was annoyed and just told me that his name was Thor. Not Thor with the “th”, but Thor that sounds like “tore”. And then there was a lady…She was dressed in red silk, and her ears were kinda pointed. Her name is Alana, and she seems pretty nice. Another lady came in, wearing strange leather clothes and with eyes that shifted in color. She told us that her name is Sin. Sin is very pretty, but her eyes scare me. The half-orc that had been at the bar up front sort of half-fell into the room, and then Mister Dux’nn walked in.

He seemed like he didn’t want to tell us much until we accepted the job. Not like I really had a choice. It was either find work or Kahdir said he was gonna kick me out of the house that I stay in. But anyway…after we said yes to the thousand sovereigns (each!), he told us that there was a ship that brought a cargo and it was sitting in an abandoned warehouse. That was kind of a little vague, I thought. We asked if he knew where the warehouse was, and Thor wanted to know who had been using the ship. Mr. Dux’nn didn’t seem to think we needed to know that. Sin thinks that Mr. Dux’nn is working for somebody, but we can’t figure out who.

We split up for the better part of the day, and each went to our separate tasks. I went to see where they put the guards by the warehouse while Serkan – that’s the drunk (only by now he was sober) half-orc – went to the docks. He found out that the cargo had its own double-dozen of guards. One odd thing: they’re all halflings! Sin and Alana tried to find out stuff about the halfling guards that came on the ship, but the only thing they heard was that they weren’t local. My trip the the warehouse was enough to find out that they kept guards on the roof and on two sides of the building. The back and far side were not guarded, since there are canals right along the edge of the walls.

After we figured out a plan, we all went down to the warehouse again. Serkan sneaked into the burned-down rubble next to the alley, and then a small airship went into the loading doors at the back. There was a big bang when the door closed. Sin forged papers that would make her look like a building inspector, and Alana was going to pretend to be a representative of one of the high houses. They were going to go to the front door to distract the guards and try getting into the warehouse. I jammed the back loading doors shut to make sure that the cargo we were supposed to deal with didn’t up and leave before we could get at it.

Alana and Sin kicked up a fuss out front, and then started fighting with that huge Goliath and the halflings. I went up to the roof and got rid of the guys up there while the others were on the ground beating up on people half their size – but with twice the meanness – and getting beat up in return. In the end, we managed to kill them all, but I crawled into the upstairs office and peeped into the main warehouse area…there are at least twelve more halflings, along with a dwarf that looks like he’s the one really in charge and one extremely dumb-looking ogre.

Now, we have to get inside. It won’t be a problem for me. I can climb the wall back into the office. But the only way I could figure for the rest of them to get in would be if Sin could pretend to be the Goliath – I found out that she can do that (don’t ask me how, we don’t have time) – and go inside herself. Then she can tell them to drag all of the bodies into the warehouse to clean up, and then we can take them by surprise from inside! Of course, Serkan and Thor are going to have to drag the Goliath and dump him in the canal…and won’t Sin have to put on the Goliath’s clothes?


yanko128 antilogic1

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