Dirge for Ammad

Got Sunscreen?

That's what we get for hiring Pinocchio as a tour guide.

Well, I can honestly say that I’m not gonna try getting a straight answer out of a puppet again. We talked to the puppet for a few minutes, but all it really told us was that we needed to go to the Twisted Tower. That, and to find some man named Marcus. Hmph. So much for that.

We went into the city, and dawn was approaching. The streets cleared out real fast, and we didn’t understand why. Then we found a huge lizard sitting on a statue. It said that dawn was coming, as if we didn’t already know, but then it just stared at the horizon and wouldn’t say anything else. There were more of those lizards, but they were starting to make cocoons around themselves. That’s no lizard I’ve ever seen. Maybe they’re part spider? But they only have four legs, so I don’t get “spider” off of them otherwise. Whatever.

When the sun came, it was burning up. Really. The buildings weren’t catching fire, but they smoldered like embers, unless you counted the ones that grew. I mean, they shot up like magic building trees. An interesting way to make new real estate, but with the climate problems that we had discovered when the sun rose, I think they’d have problems filling the new space.

It was when we started getting closer to the Tower that things really got weird. Statues sprouted eyeballs in every place but where they were supposed to be, huge spider-like creatures jumped out of shadows, and wraith-like creepy crawlers came out of nowhere. And all that happened after three buildings came up out of the pavement to block the way to the Tower.

We beat down on all of the baddies, and then the eyes disappeared off of the statue and it was normal again. Not sure, but I think somebody doesn’t want us near the Tower.

Mental Note: Ask Mister Dux’nn if he pays trans-dimensional mileage. This was so not in our contract.


Heh was just about to do this, although you probably did more detail than I would have. Title would have been “Do cities dream of Lizard Pupae?” Tagline: Phillip K. Dick goes on a bad acid trip.

Got Sunscreen?

Haha. True. I had to make myself not put more detail. Phillip K. Dick would have needed acid to dream up lizard pupae. Lucky for us that Lukas is naturally high!

Got Sunscreen?
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