Dirge for Ammad

Enough Rope to Hang Ourselves With

Not long after we had limped away from our ordeal at the warehouse, we made t back to the Cat’s Lantern and promptly went to sleep. It’s tough being shot at…smacked around…and nearly squished by spirit-possessed boxes. There was still some time, so we split up and tried getting a bit more information on the halfling guards, the box, and maybe the freaky elves. That didn’t really turn anything up, so we went back to the inn to meet with Mister Dux’nn.

He seemed sort of interested in the box and the letter, but we didn’t really find out anything more about them. Dux’nn is going to look into that. Alana asked if there was anything more we could do for him, and he asked if we could be available in the future on an on-call basis. Since it looks like we all need the money, we agreed. Not being kicked out of where you’re staying is good, but not having to worry about it is better. A couple days later, he was back.

Mister Dux’nn asked us to accompany some professor to a wrecked ship. We were supposed to meet her at a place called The Fifth Wheel. It’s a machine shop or a mechanic’s workshop…or something like that. When we got there, we met the owner, Hadrik “The Fist” Forgebeard, a dwarf that seemed pretty grumpy, but knowledgeable. In a back room, we met the professor. She was talking to a brain in a jar. The brain introduced herself(?) as Akar, Mr. Forgebeard’s wife. She was very polite, but soon disappeared into the other room to deal with her husband.

Once we had introduced ourselves, we decided to take advantage of the bad weather to get a look at the ship before the Jade Swans made it out there. As soon as the weather breaks up, they are supposed to go see what happened to the boat. Mr. Forgebeard took us to the area in an airship, but couldn’t get us straight to the wreck.

We ended up getting dropped off somewhere about a half mile away from the wreck itself, but since no one was really paying much attention, we got lost in the trees. After a while, we were attacked by lizard men, and were really close to finishing them off when some half-elf popped out of the trees to call truce. She said that she would take us to the boat if we helped her to get rid of a dragon…worm…thing. It was all kind of vague, and none of us thought we had time to go killing random forest creatures.

So we politely refused and went on our way. Then we got to this gorge. Or maybe it was a fjord. Whatever it was, I couldn’t jump across, but we got a grappling hook well stuck in the rocks on the other side. Maybe it was because it was sort of my idea, but I went first. Not too hard, but the winds were rough. They were too rough for Alana, and she very nearly got killed, even though we strung a second rope across so that she could put her feet on it. The professor didn’t want to go on the rope, but she finally did.

Hawkeye is really heavy, so it took a while getting him across, but at least he didn’t uproot the tree that the rope was tied to on the side we came from. That was Thor. He would have gone down the fjord into the water if I hadn’t cut the one rope that was still tied to the tree. When we finally all got across, we caught our breath and took a few minutes to bandage up the rope burns on Alana’s hands and on her neck.

Now we have to go down to the wrecked ship. All aboard?


yanko128 antilogic1

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