Dirge for Ammad

Dead to the World

When only an interdimensional portal can wake you up in the morning, it's time for stronger coffee.

So what do you do when you hear a disembodied voice reciting riddles in an ominous way? Well, we learned our lesson not to blurt out crazy things like “balloons”...or at least I think so. After the first wrong answer, we got attacked by some freaky glass-covered-armor-bolted-on guy who of course shattered into a million explody-pointy hurting bits when we killed him. Then we figured, “Hey, that was fun, let’s do it another six times!” But it wasn’t really for nothing in the end. The glass coffin in the middle cracked open and we found that the lady inside wasn’t actually dead. She was only sleeping.

Nothing we did woke her up, so we took her downstairs with us back to the room with all of the doors. Sin jumped through one that we thought was right, but she turned to dust. Then everyone else went through the one we thought was not right, and disappeared. Eventually the Cleaner and I went through as well, and we were outside the orphanage again. Since we had nothing better to do, we went inside and into the room with the old magic circle again.

The circle was just as creepy, but the magic was fresh. Some kind of smoky tendrils were going between the dead-asleep lady and to the circle. A door thing opened, and then Sin was standing there. The dead-asleep lady got up and walked through the door and Sin sort of went all smoky and stepped into the lady. We went through as well, since we couldn’t really think of any other way out.

Now the lady is Sin, but not really. Her name is Tihana, and she’ll be staying with us for a while, if we can survive the floating metal orb of doom that decided it doesn’t like the orphanage. Hey wait a minute. How did that thing get here?


yanko128 antilogic1

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