Dirge for Ammad

Busy busy

We're like bees, but with murdering things!

So in the past day, we’ve fought a bunch of different groups (including a bunch of Karre Elves in the swamp) and finally gotten the boxes open to discover that they contain a mechanical cube of some sort that needs to be used in the catacombs beneath Ammad. The only clue we have about the box is that its a key to something that will apparently stop demons from overrunning the world. Having the world destroyed being a bad thing (Hey its where we keep all our stuff.), we ventured forth into the catacombs (we did take a day to rest after the shenanigans at the docks and in the swamp). Hawkeye talked our way past the skeletal guards, which was somewhat expected, he’s never seemed the sociable type. Then again, I probably have no room to talk as I have a tendency to launch into jump kicks at the slightest hint of hostility. I’m a bit behind on this whole inner serenity and inner peas stuff. Maybe I should have eaten some pea soup before going into the catacombs?

However, returning for soup was not a viable option as we fell through an unstable floor into the lair of a rather large hydra. As we beat it up, its heads fell off and it grew more heads. I guess its like how some lizards lose their tails in order to escape predators, instead of escaping while the tail is eaten, the new heads increase their efforts to eat you. We survived by the skin of our teeth, found a bunch of useful stuff in the lair, left via one of many crisscrossing tunnels rather than fight a blood ooze that likely scavenged off the hydra’s leftovers. We traveled through the catacombs finding many skeletons with funeral masks with no eye slots and a few dead looters. Eventually we found a hatch downward, and apparently opening the hatch flooded the tunnels below. Eventually, we found some levers, that heated the water greatly when pulled some ways, but when put correctly, drained the water. We then fought a bunch of giant spiders and after all that decided to rest for the night.


yanko128 stinky42

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