Dirge for Ammad

Box at the Docks

No Ox, Fox or Rocks though

So, using Dak’xaav’s (the apostrophe strikes again) spirit eagle spell thingy we got into position to attack the airship carrying the box at the docks (Hey that rhymes!). As we swooped up four snake men guys (Yuan Ti I guess) fled the ship. I ran up and punched the guy who has it turns out was holding the box and managed to slow him down, which was good because I was clearly off as I missed with a lot of punches today. I’m inclined to blame air sickness but I think I’ll put in extra punching things training during my free time anyway, if we ever get free time with so many people after the boxes. At any rate, we fought a huge number of Yuan Ti and mercenary guards, when suddenly a large group of half man half machine people showed up, probably from the invisible robot dragon clinging to the underside of the earthmote. Oh I forgot to mention that, well there was an invisible robot dragon down there. Anyway we took out the guy carrying the box and fled the massive battle that ensued aboard a stolen Yuan Ti ship. Both the Yuan Ti and the (Now visible) Robot Dragon pursued us, damaging the ship, but were then intercepted by the Cerulean Griffins. Oddly enough we were not detained? Mr. Duckson’s connections maybe?


yanko128 stinky42

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