Dirge for Ammad

1 Fish Stick, 2 Fingers, 3 Eyed Psychic Squid Thingy

This time, it's personal!

(Figured I’d take a stab at writing the log since no one else had.) Towards the bottom of the ship in an area filled with pools of blood and ruptured egg sacks. We got into a fight with a bunch more Kua-Toa, including one guy who had screaming fish on a stick. I didn’t know fish screamed, you learn something new everyday I suppose. There was also a living (or at least moving) blood blob thing, which I got stuck into. The teachings I follow indicate that life is an eternal learning experience about oneself and the world. Here I learned not to jump kick blob monsters and also, don’t let blob monsters crawl up your nose and take control of your brain. Well okay I probably already knew that.

Eventually we took them down and found the Captain’s cabin, which had collapsed into the bilges. Cahya crawled in and retrieved the log book, although ultimately she got stuck. Hawkeye and I pulled her out, and accidentally sent her flying across the room. An aboleth then surfaced behind her and told us (in our minds) to tell the “warped ones” that it had done as was agreed and then it allowed us to leave.

We then met with Duckson (I would have thought his dad was a deva, not a duck) and he paid us for getting the professor back safely. Apparently the log indicated that the crew of the ship had disappeared after investigating where the homeland of the pirate elfy mutant people (warped ones) was supposed to be, and finding nothing there.

A bit later Duckson had another job for us. A box had been stolen from someone important, the thieves had been killed by assassins but a man involved in the theft, named Two Fingers (a Tiefling with guess what, only two fingers)absconded with the box. We went to a tavern so seedy it might have been mistaken for a watermelon. Note to self, area of inner being needing improvement, analogies. At any rate, a bit of coin persuaded the bartender to divulge the location of Two Fingers’s (Two Fingers’? Curse you apostrophe!) home. To be continued, Same Squid Time, Same Squid Place!


Hmmm my paragraph breaks went away for some reason.


You better not call him Duckson to his face. He might get mad.


Why not, isn’t that how his name is pronounced? I won’t call him “Son of Ducks” or something along those lines.


He is the one NPC I actually have a pronunciation guide for. Go figure.


So his name is just pronounced Zun? The rest of it is superfluous?


Actually, it is Zunn, not Zun.

yanko128 yanko128

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